Stuck In Da Trap

歌手:Meek Mill

專輯: Mr. Philadelphia

[Hook: Meek Mill]
I'm stuck in the trap ya
I'm trying to get back ya
I spent all this damn money on these clothes
I spent all this damn money on these hoes
I'm trying to get back ya
I'm stuck in the trap ya
You know I got them choppers on deck
Give me my respect
I'm coming for the checks
Muthafucker who's next

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I get them birds and break them way down
Give it to my team we like Lebron, Chris Bosh, and Wade now
Fuck my money up it's time to get payed now
JBing on niggas tell them get down or get laid down
Ya I'm trying to get back
I'm in the kitchen with the slab you know I'm trying to hit that
Plus I seen this Rollie out worn I'm trying to whip that
And turn this nine into a ten piece [?]
I made all this damn money from these shows
Went and spent all this damn money on them clothes
I Went and bought an Audemar that was twenty-six

I be balling, talking Spalding on you lame ass niggas
Trying to flip a quarter L loose change ass niggas

All I know is blow the money and if you see me know I'm stunting

[Hook: Meek Mill]

[Verse 2: Wiz]
I spent a 62 up on my son
[?] on my bitch
A brick and a half up on my whip
Put a nine up on my wrist
And I still got my re-up
Nigga I get them sent up
Whip it like a master
Nigga I tear them streets up
Serve it like [?] I'm Micheal Jack up off the wall
You can get it hard or soft
I'm like BP with the oil
I'm in another lane on them
Block flooded got the cane on them
Hating ass niggas talk shit I get the rain on them
I got stripes like a referee
Quarterback no sacks ain't a mutherfucker touching me
Thrity-three for one, five or better get it cheaper
Got that kush and got that haze if you talking bout that reefer
I'm like [?] with the bread
So I trick it all on divas
I put one up in your head
If a nigga try to creep up
You know what I'm talking bout
Nigga getting it
This how we feel about that money nigga spending it

[Hook: Meek Mill]

[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Let me tell you niggas something I was a hustler when you met me
I'm trying to get back they got me out here selling reggie

Or I can call up [?]
Cause he'll sell the weed
No matter if its sour or some shit that got some seeds
We gon' off that
I'm gon' toss him something and he toss back
Them Benjamins we gon' cake like we just signed to Entenmann's
Where your boss at cause I don't deal with middle-men
I don't do the big men talking with the little men
Big money transaction cop, cook, and deliverin'
Went to cop five and my connect brought me ten of them
I gave him dab and told him I'll be back
I'm a trapper not a rapper, roger that

[Hook: Meek Mill]