Real & Fake

歌手:YRN Lingo

專輯: Migo Lingo

[Verse 1 – YRN Lingo]
Come here nigga, let me tell you some’ right quick
Get close, I’m finna tell you some real shit
Niggas out here say they loyal but the snakes
Until you put em to the test and they gon show who really fake
Scary ass niggas say that they be pulling triggers
I never seen you carry guns, don’t get this shit twisted
You the type of nigga if you get caught by the feds
You gon tell the whole thing just to stay away from jail

[Verse 2 – YRN Lingo]
Two faced ass niggas smile but they be really sick
Talking shit when you just a nigga that was on my dick
Talk about look at his car, look at his wrist
Look at his house, look at his bitch
Look at his chain, hopping out the red thing
Hollow tip coming for your brain
Extension clip with the bloodstains

Red dead revolver I got perfect aim
Put the money in my bank, chi-chang
Yellow in my diamonds, lemon ring
I’m feeling like 2Pac in this rap game
Giuseppe steppers never looked better
Bring the chinchilla out when we get cold weather

[Verse 3 – YRN Lingo]
Fuck all you bitches that wasn’t rocking with me
Now you wanna give me your number and blow me kisses
Bitch you see me in the Bentley, making money how I spend it
Bitches tryna take my riches, tryna flex for these pictures
But that never happened though cause I can always get some more
Mama said fuck these hoes, that is what I’m running from

[Verse 4 – Quavo]
My few, you touch em, Imma shoot
Know what the fuck going on
We rocking ice, pull up in the club
Bet Maybach, Maybach is twice


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