歌手:Boyz N Da Hood

專輯: Boyz N Da Hood

Rock this mic
Jody Breeze, Young Jeezy, Big Gee, Duke
Eazy E, Wiz, Block E-N-T
Boyz N Da Hood, Bad Boy, E Serm, Lets Go

[Jody Breeze]

Keep your basses bumpin
Stay away from who fake & frontin

I'm a gangsta, I don't need rap for nothin
And only play games in the A or Compton
Hop by the box chevy murder any man standin
Its more than the hood, E, tell em where its standin


Rolled up my windows as I turned on my A-C
Rolling down Crenshaw see tha hoes jocking
Sunday nights popping, See tha foes hopping
My stereo's bumpin that A-T-L funk
You can call it what ya want, either way that shit bumps

Being a gangsta is so neat yeah
Gangsta Beat 4 Tha Street
[Jody Breeze]
All this gutter gutter, pulled up with it
This just the beginning so don't fuck with us
Being a gangsta is so neat yeah
Gangsta Beat 4 Tha Street
[Young Jeezy]
Them boyz in the hood will keep your heart
Come talkin that trash and we'll pull your car

[Young Jeezy]
I'm in the 6-4 5th, bitch strapped, no roof
The Snowman pimp, bitch shoes on the coupe
Stepped in 100 deep, deep, blew a few bucks
G'd up a pair of black strings in the chucks
My wrist so rocky and my neck so bright
My stones change colors like a disco light
Whole team strapped up, let a nigga trip
Desert Eagle in the club, better, nigga flip

From the south to west, I stay in a vest
Fully loaded, Smif N Wess to protect my nest
Let you trip, you disrespect, you get checked
More direct, you end up with a hole in your neck
I must confess theres got to be somethin in the water
Cause every year I age, I gets harder and harder
Got a team of cutthroats, niggas with hood hoes
Tryin to cope slum dough, whenever the guns blow


Yeah, I'm crusin down the street in my L-A-C
Blowin good kenwood, bumpin eazy e
We dem boyz in the hood, in the hood I be
We out the fryer, freakin all the g's
??, for all the J's I got thanks for you
If crime pays, we looking for a gangsta lean
You badd niggas better tang your lip
You gon fuck around and get in some gangsta shit

[Big Gee]
All black boys with them toys four deep
Tote heat, four speed, grow tree, in a spokes ??
So, niggas don't want beef
Nigga run up on the corner, match a barrel through his teeth
Four foot celebrate, Fifth all kinda ways
Oh he ain't gotta say he think he gonna get away
Toting that thang, I'm d-cap that-a-way
The punk went that-a-way, The punk went that-a-way